i have posted a picture of my yarny UFO’ s before on facebook, but i need to share (more to remind myself) what they are and to get them finished. There are many blankets/throws a few tea cosies from Loani Priors books, a blue sky market bag, a gorgeous malabrigo lace  scarf, a cotton babette  blanket, this was my first babette blanket, actually it was my first ever crochet project, i put it aside to start one in wool, which I finished within 2 weeks of starting! Looking at the pictures its quite embarressing to have this many UFO’s (these are only my yarny ones!).  I did vow to finish all or at least some of these before i ventured on to anything else, ahh but alas i have since crochet another throw in Misti Alpaca super chunky  and it took less that half a day, so does that really count???? I will take a picture and post my COMPLETE chunky throw at a later date, (the throw is at work so i cant snap it now)!

I have UFO’s of the unyarny kind also, a quilt i have been making for my son since he was 4 (he is now 15!), one for my daughter also, but i have been working on that for less than a year, and its nearly finished, a log cabin quilt with Amy Butler fabric (its just delicious), not to mention many stitcheries, and sewing projects….. I here and now am promising myself that by the end of 2011 i will have completed at least half of these projects, have pictures taken and posted here as proof, and also for that little feeling called pride and satisfaction, and that there will be that little bit more space in my craft room, to fill with other things!

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2 Responses to UFO’s

  1. Terri Knapp says:

    And I thought I was bad….not feeling so bad at all anymore.

  2. ronnie says:

    hi Niss – long time no *see*!! I was just thinking about you the other week!! Glad to see you are still alive and kicking!!! Off to add you as a favourite so I don’t lose you again!!

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