so. i have started a new project


Its a Vintage pattern for a Granny square Afghan sampler, So i dont have YET another UFO… i might change the term UFO (unfinished object) to WIP (work in progress) sounds much nicer…. I am going to commit to at least doing 3 squares a week, i know 3 squares doesnt sound like much and i would/could usually pump out 1 or 2 squares a night, and the pattern doesn’t read that hard… or so i thought!!!  for one its written in US terms which is different to the UK/AUST terms i am use to, so am having to convert as i go,  which really isnt that hard, but the pattern is riddled with errors… the first 3 squares i made were simple to read and crochet and had them done in no time, but the 4th Square i made   frogged, and  remade again and again, it just didnt look like the square in the picture, so  i hit the trusty world of the www and i happened to stumble across a blog, the  wonderful author had made this throw, thank goodness she had recorded a few of the corrections she made herself on her blog, so i  have a “reference” to check back to every now and then!  So it will take me a little longer to do undo and redo squares until i think they  fit and  look like the final picture! But it will be a love affair that i cant wait to get really stuck into.

So the details ; the pattern consist of 32 squares and odd borders to fill in bits and edging. sounds easy! NOT

im using a 4.00mm clover crochet hook(i love these hooks, they cost a little more, but fit perfectly in your hand!), and biggan yarn in 25 delicious colours

and these are my squares so far

the first 3 squares are basic granny squares with different rounds, and as i said easy! The next square however….

this is what the picture on the patterns looks like, but its definitely not what the pattern reads, so jiggling and frogging, and re crocheting i made it look correct. If you look at the picture of the full throw its the bottom right corner!

well thats it from me today, its the first day of school holidays and we must “go entertain”!!! happy hooking everyone!

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2 Responses to so. i have started a new project

  1. Shall I remind you about when you’re supposed to have finished a certain number of squares?

  2. creativeniss says:

    lol, I can always count on you to keep me in line Teresa!

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