my next squares

so i am doing well on my throw, i got 2 more squares done in the last couple of days and yesterday at work i weaved in all my ends…  show and tell time….

this one is a variation on the granny square i quite like the way it looks with those few scattered trebles rather than in clusters.

im not to sure i like this one, i followed the pattern exact, after reading it, i found it had no errors so was excited to get going….  but im not liking the corners, i may frog it and do it again, i will do the one thats beside it next and see if those gappy corners are there for a reason!

I previously wrote about the Super Chunky Misti Alpaca throw i crochet in just under half a day… well i finally have pictures of it. Its in the shop at the moment, and is proving to be popular, i have written the pattern and is available at Threads and More, i may post it on Ravelry soon.

here is a pic of the stitch definition, its a V stitch so simple yet so appealing to the eye, if i may say so myself!

well time to go get the Sunday paper, make a cuppa tea, and browse what we will be doing today, its not very often the Mr Creative’niss’ and I have a day off together! must make the most of it……

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2 Responses to my next squares

  1. Ingrid says:

    I fell in love with this when I saw it at the shop. Super chunky but super soft at the same time. Gorgeous colours.

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