Today we….

went to Mt Tamborine, i haven’t been there for a few years, and it has boomed! lots of new shops, cafes’ antique and craft stores. We had a lovely time browsing.. (no spending)  except for some coconut rough i just wanted needed!  We came across the cutest little fairy shop, so throwing all bags/jackets/etc at Mr Creativeniss, Miss A and myself wondered in, It was like entering a magical fairy tale, there were fairies wondering around blowing fairy dust at anyone who stood still long enough, a dress up area for the little ones, and abundance of fairies of every size, shape and form to purchase. We had a wonderful time.



We went to Georges Paragon for lunch, you know when you have been to a restaurant and you just loved it, we have always enjoyed going to Georges at Sanctuary Cove and Southport, so while walking the streets of Mt Tamborine we came across a Georges there too (one of the new additions to the boom of Mt Tamborine ). We thought YES! that’s were we will eat…..  I wish we hadn’t, and that’s all i will say on that subject!!

The other “stop” Miss A enjoyed most was the Cookoo Clock Shop, She walked in and just looked up and stared, it was quite funny, I’m not sure weather she was mesmerised or bewildered but she stayed planted where she was for quite a while!  They have the Clocks set at all different times so she got to witness the “cookoo” quite a few times. 

On the way home you know that really windy road going down Mt Tamborine, it always freaks me out, i don’t know why its a safe as possible, im just a sooky lala, We stopped at Thunderbird Park. I have never been there and we thought it would be a nice place to have a walk around!!!!  So we did the walk it took all of 5 minutes but that’s o.k Miss A was getting a bit sick of walking by this time, so We had a dig for a thunderbird egg, and this is what we got.


(excuse the ice cream on Miss A’s face… thanks)

it’s actually quite pretty it has flecks of pink and green stone in it, Miss A was quite impressed!

here is a few more pics from our day


Well I think it will be an early night for at least Miss A and myself tonight we are stuffed!

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One Response to Today we….

  1. terricreates says:

    Hi Niss. Looks like you had a lovely day. Love the fairy toadstools. Glad to see you didn’t spend though…..need to save for Melbourne!!!!

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