so little time….

yet so many things i want to do, its been a while since ive done a bit of stitchery, since christmas anyway, and that was a long time ago, I was thinking of stitching some inchies of my own design and then mosaicing them as an art piece. While researching to see if the ideas i had in my head hadn’t already been done…. dont want to look like im copying anyone! i came across these cute cute stickers and just needed to share them

Craft It Up! Stickers

arent they awesome, they are from here and i think i want need them!

and this cute tote, by one of my crafty idols Elsie, there is a link to her blog to the right on my blog list

this bag is a great project for people who love to stitch but dont think they have the ability… and we ALLLL have the ability, to sketch our own designs….  its a great design and you just stitch over the lines in colours of your choosing.  easy!!! 

well thats all from me tonight… im of to watch Jane Austen Book Club … (another think on my to do list that hasn’t been done yet!)

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