i was suppose to post these with my last entry!

Yesterday moring at about 6.30 am little Miss A says to me “Mummy did you get an easter present for Casey and Carolyn” (these are her pre-school teachers)….  and my reply ummm noooooo.   And as Yesterday was her last day until after the easter break, i had approximately 90 minutes to get ready for work, get miss A ready for Preschool ANDDDD make 2 easter presents!…  So rushing of to my craft room, thinking to myself crap… crap.. crap, i reached for the trusty yes these are cut out but yet to be sewn shelf… and i had a little pile of birdies left over from making christmas decorations, so pulling out the Janomie…. my precious pink Janomie… i start zipping around these little critters at a speed i would never usually sew at…  did a quick bit of stuffing, added a few button eyes, and crochet some legs and…………………… taa daa, 2 easter presents in 23 minutes!!!!!  Miss A in the meantime made some lovely swing tags, we wrapped them and here they are!

    front                                                                 back  


and the beautiful wrapping!


Thanks for reading……………………………………….Ax

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One Response to i was suppose to post these with my last entry!

  1. Renee says:

    Very impressive, both of you!

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