you know it mandatory to have a new project at easter….. right??

well that’s my excuse anyway!  I have a few on the go at the moment, and are all going along dreamingly, but they are all quite big and not that easy to just throw in your bag as a “just in case im somewhere sitting… doing nothing…. I wish I’d bought my….project.  So, I have had this little hand painted linen slip sitting around for a while, and while digging in my craft room ( I really need to clean my craft room!) I came across it again… and I said to myself… I do speak to myself often! wouldnt this be pretty with a crochet edge.. therefor THIS is my easter project….

the colours in it remind me of easter so i will smile a lot as I hook this little precious into something sweet as chocolate!  Knitty Gritties : I’ve chosen some Filatura DiCrosa Millifilli Fine 4ply mercerized egyptian cotton in hot pink and i will use a 3.25 mm hook…. now to pick an edging to go around it, traditional, modern, pretty or funky im not sure on yet, I will just invent as i go! So now before I start, I will draw a steamy bath, pour a glass of wine, dive in relax and think pretty thoughts of pink edging.

thanks for reading………………………………Ax

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