Good Morning and Happy Easter !

We have had a very early morning here today, “the bunny has come, the bunny has come,” is what i woke to while it was still dusk! So as Miss A checked her ‘stash’ as she called it… she spotted these………..

little bunny foot prints, she followed them, and they went from her bedroom allll the way down the hall and out the back door..  messy little critter!  Now today i just have to control the chocolate intake.  The easter bunny in our house, doesn’t bring many eggs, he/she brings things that are useful educational, and fun, like new Pj’s, a book or 2 etc, this year Miss A got some new play doh, a chocolate bunny and a few eggs, two story felt boards, and a new kindy bag, and the easter bunny from grandma’s house, left her a book and a princess place mat, that im sure will come in handy with the play doh! Master BJ was left a new skate jacket and a couple of eggs too! as for mummy and daddy we lucked out!  What does the easter bunny bring to your house?????


Happy Easter from my home to yours x x x

Thanks for reading…………………………Ax

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One Response to Good Morning and Happy Easter !

  1. Carol says:

    Happy Easter to you too Hun xx

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