So where did i learn to knit….

I always thought my mum taught me how to knit, but seeing her latest project, im starting to doubt that very much!!!!!!!!!!!!


this “is” and i use the word “is” loosely a beanie my mum has knitted for my dad… i know you cant see him, hes not hiding on purpose either!!!  Im going to bring this “hat” home during the week and crochet an edge on it and bring it in a little so it turns into more of a floppy beret for him… my dad is a bit of a hat-a-holic he usually has something on his head, and i dont think thats because he is quite bald thin on top, i think its because he actually  just likes hats!  ahhh god bless my mum!

I never did get my easter project finished, let alone actually started!  so i will put it away for another day.. instead i started a new rug for the shop . We have a rug at work that is knitted called the colour blocks rug and it is knitted almost in log cabin stripes

this is one similar to the shop one

       (pic from here)

and ive been working on a crochet one, now i can’t show you pics yet, but i can give you a sneak peak.  ready………………………


thats all i can show you for now, but im hoping to be finished by Saturday, then we will get the pattern published and rug photographed, THEN i can show and tell properly, im really enjoying this project!

well that all for now, Bargain Hunt is about to start on TV. till next time…

thanks for reading………………………Ax

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