wedding fever hits the world

Well today is the day that Prince William marries ‘the commoner’ Kate, (i don’t really like the word commoner) and  although im not really a royalist by any means its a bit hard to get away from it all…  Yes i am going to a “Royal Wedding” Party tonight, yes im going to eat cucumber sandwiches and yes im going to watch it from beginning to end.. does that make me a loser….. um yes it does! Ive just turned the TV on and the hype is on practically every free to air channel and a lots of Fox channels too. So even if i didnt want to get in the wedding groove, i have no choice.  I may just even order myself a commemorative mug off ebay just to put into my ‘one day i will get a cabinet’ cabinet! There is memorabilia everywhere i had a little search earlier and found these little collectables and thought i would share…


the royal couple paper dolls, royals comic, the royal pizza and the crown jewels royal condoms!


a really ugly coin, haha plate, and of course you can forget the royal tea towels


but my favorites, the royal wedding sick bag, the royal wedding happy family, the mug with HARRY and Kate, not William.. haha, and my all time favorite (of course) the knitted royal wedding!

Well that lightened my Royal wedding mood, that mug made my day! besides the Wedding watching today, i have got quite a bit of sewing to do, if i get it finished i will do a taa daa moment later.

Thanks for reading……………………… Ax (im royal waving at you!)

edited to add : i found these too and had to share


the royal tea bags, royal babushka dolls and for the crafty people, the thimble, stitchery pattern, colouring in, and the engagemnet ring pin cushion!


Royal waving goodbye again……………………….Ax

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