Colour my Sunday – on monday!

Its monday and its cold, wet and miserable here so is there a cheerier colour than Yellow??? i dont think so, so here is my little mosaic of yellow for you today

theres a few of my favorite things in there, owls, deers, burts lip balm, and yes a wee little caravan!

So yesterday was mothers day, i visited my mum in the morning, she wasn’t very well so we didn’t stay long, i dont like when my mum is unwell, but it sure makes you appreciate them more. In the afternoon we spent a lovely afternoon at my S-I-L’s with my husbands extended family, lovely food, great company and surrounded by our children = a lovely afternoon..  but we had to be home by 6ish as the new series of dancing with the stars was on, and i just couldnt’ miss that   (yes another of my daggy moments!). Im not sure whether i will make it through the whole series this season as 1. i dont really like the dancers, (i dont even know half of them) and 2. I dont think i will be able to watch the new judge Josh… i think thats his name!  there has been much media on the morning shows today about his comments on Brynn’s performance, or more about the comments all the judges made on her personal life, body etc… i have to admin i did watch Brynn’s performance with my eyes covered peeking through my fingers it was sooo bad, and i did find Josh’s comment…  “you looked like a bedazzled sack of potato’s” quite  funny and quite right! but the remarks about her much older husband, her “assest” as they called them were not appropriate.

you can here her performance and the comments from the judge!

until tomorrow, thanks for reading………………Ax

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