have you ever had an OMG moment??

I have and well… i had 2 today!!  I dropped into my parents house this afternoon to see how my mum was feeling, and i walk in the door and sitting on their little table was 2 parcels for me one from Japan and one from the U.K, and if any of you are crafty you know what that means…. BOOKS!!!!! craft books to be exact. So ripping them open like a child at christmas i oohed and ahhed over the beauties i held in my hand.  So after some time spent browsing through my books…. (and yes i did actually spend some time with my mum) i though i better head home as my own little Miss A was sick at home with daddy and i thought daddy may need a break by now…  and as im walking out there door…. this is my OMG moment No.1…  there were another 2 parcels laying on the steps…. wee hoo.. so sitting down and ripping them open too, i was in bookie/crafty heaven this it what i received!

ahhh its like falling in love for the first time..

I have an ever growing collection of craft books, i love books, and i usually buy myself at least one a month… thats my good girl bonus!


the first pic are my craft books kept in the media room, the second and third pics are the books kept in my craft room, if i divide them up into different places in the house mr creative’niss’ doesnt actually notice how many i own!  then there are the pattern books which i havent ever photographed…. i may do that one day! scary thought!

and my 2nd OMG moment was this


now i have had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream before but never tried this flavour…. wellll i had no idea what i had been missing… Half Baked is a combo of Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream mixed with choc fudge brownies and choc chip cookie dough!  OMG Yummo…


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