so who is addicted to ruffle scarves???

ME, thats who! at the moment i am knitting one and crocheting another…. i just cant seem to finish one off first! So i knit a few rows, then crochet the other, ahh such is the life of a yarn addict!


So the Knitty Gritties.

for the Knitted Ruffle scarf i am using Freedom Spirit 100% wool and 5mm bamboo knitting needles. The Freedom Spirit its a softly varigated yarn what is a dream to knit and wonderfully squishy to wear. i am using colour 502 which is a red base with flecks of purple and orange

and the Crochet Ruffle scarf is being lovingly made with Noro Taiyo Yarn and a 5mm Addi crochet hook (yes i know i have strayed from my faithful clover soft touch hook…naughty naughty me!) Noro is a Japanese yarn that is always vibrant and colourful. Taiyo is Noro’s Cotton, silk, wool blend yarn which is great for Queensland! I am using colour 17, its colour blend is hot pink, turquoise, red, orange, beige and white with a just a touch of lime and black… hmmm yummy. the patterns and both the yarns are free with yarn purchase at Threads and More, or you can phone me at work on 07 3379 6699 (Aust) we post world wide!  if you hit the clicky link you can see other colour available too!

Im hoping to have both these lovelies made by Monday and i will post pics then

taa taa for now, thanks for reading…………………………………….Ax

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One Response to so who is addicted to ruffle scarves???

  1. Completing addicted as well and loving the one I am knitting in a dark chocolate brown Biggan yarn!

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