I was a little behind on my squares…..

but now i think ive caught up…. The Afghan sampler is coming along.. last i wrote about this rug i was 11 squares in and challenging myself to do at least 3 a week.  I must admit i did start to lag a little. There are so many mistakes in the pattern it was just putting me off. But i am soldiering on, and fudging them a little to get them to match up and correct the pattern as much as possible. ( I guess you always get mistakes in vintage patterns as back then im sure there was no such thing as a test knitter/crocheter). so this is what ive done to catch up.


Im happy with them all so far, they still have to have a few ends to weaved in, and they need to be blocked, but im getting there and even thought i swear and bi#ch about them to myself. i am enjoying the challenge.

So 22 squares down, and only approx 15 to go, if my weekly calculations are correct i should be done in 5 weeks… yay just in time for the weather to be almost warming up! and just in time to wrap it up and give it to myself for my birthday!

until next time  thanks for reading……………………..Ax


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