done a little FELTING

There are a group of lovely, beautiful ladies i “hang” with once a month… and we are the crafty bitches! Now these ladies i have known for quite a while now, we use to scrap together for many years, and as with most hobbies you sort of get over them… but there is one hobby i can and never will get over and that is anything to do with wool..  Most of you know i love to knit and crochet, but a lot of you dont know my real LOVE is felting. I love the way you can turn a lump of unspun wool into something sculptural like a pod or bowl, right through to the finest fabric with drape that is unbelievable…  So getting back to the crafty bitches!  about 4 months ago at one of our meet ups at the wonderful Terri’s house we were discussing what we were going to do next meet up and whos house it would be at…  It was decided it would be at my place and i would teach the girls a little bit about felting… Fast forward a month and ther girls were like naturals they created the most amazing wraps that day… and every month since then the meet ups have been at my place and we have felted! Last weekend we all made hats in preparation for our trip to Melbourne, YES a bunch of crafty divas on the loose in Melbourne together!!!! and just in time for the Melbourne craft show…(we planned that well didn’t we!)…. Sorry back to the hats!   they all looked gorgeous and i didnt take pictures which isn’t like me at all! but i am very proud of them they are coming along leaps and bounds…  scarves, wraps, handbags and hats, they have made them all…  But i really enjoyed our last session the most, because now they know the techniques and how wool reacts i didnt have to help them as much and i actually got to make a hat myself…  so here is a pic modeled by my gorgeous miss 4.5That afternoon i got the felting Itch again and just wanted to start another after the girls had gine home, but i had plans for the evening.. So the next day i did the kids school/kindy drop off, drove home set up the felting tables and started all over again making 2 more hats!  want to see them???








Im happy with all 3 hats and cant wait to don my head gear in Melbourne….

Till next time………………………………….Ax

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One Response to done a little FELTING

  1. Terri says:

    Love your hats. Not sure about mine one though.

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