i was just reading through the last few posts on my blog and noticed i show the beginnings of my projects, (and talk alto about UFO’s) but never picture and show you the finished results before they either go on display in the shop, or are given to their new owner.. so i went through my camera to find some finished object pictures… and well there isn’t many..

so here are a few that i have blogged about, but never posted finished pics of!

The Crochet Ruffle scarf, this was done with 2 balls of Noro Taiyo yarn and a 6mm crochet hook, it was completed very quickly and was an absolute joy to crochet! i have done a few more since then and given them away as gifts.. i have used different yarns and corresponding hooks..   very very addictive..


my chunky Misti Alpaca Throw, another joy to create, size 16mm hook, 12 skeins of yarn and just over 5 hours to create this 150cm x 100cm baby!  Quick and simple done in a “V” stitch… yummo!!!




now this is the only picture i have of my log cabin crochet blanket its the 3rd one down on the ladder in this picture.. and probably the favorite thing i have made to date… besides my babette blanket…  now i do have a photo of that somewhere too,





so i must go visit my projects soon, and snap a few.. because yes i DO actually finish projects… i just don’t keep them at home for long!

thanks for reading…………………………Ax

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