ahh, the granny square afghan

is coming along….  I have put together my centre 12 squares to create my centre panel, wanna see??

im love love loving it so much, it just needs its black border (which im working on tonight,) then i can start to add the next round of squares…   Yes the pattern is still peeing me off, yes it is challenging to try and decipher what is written to actually come out as its suppose to, but im just saying “what the heck, if ya don’t like that square …. don’t do it!” I have started to add a few more squares that aren’t in the pattern, ones im making up, and ones im pulling from an awesome Japanese motif book i have, and maybe a couple from Jan Eaton… God love her. But as i said…love love love it!


I was asked the other day by a Ravelry group if they could use the picture of my afghan as the inspiration for their Crochet-a-long. I was very excited, and even more excited that they asked me to join along and help out with the errata of the pattern…  now to many this isn’t exciting, but to little ole me, who doesn’t really class herself as a crochet “expert” by any means, it meant the world. this particular group is HUGE and base in the USA… exciting!!!!!  so my afghan is on their front page and i have joined the group and the CAL.. maybe this will give me the kick in the pants to finish it quicker!

The pattern is Originally from 1977, i have since found out that it was republished in 1984 and have ordered it hoping “fingers crossed” x x x that it doesn’t have as many errors in it, and hopefully the corrections (if any) are close to the ones ive made!


nighty night all ………………………………Ax

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