the inner border is on …… finally!!!

the afghan that threatened to beat the hell out of me , is still growing, i have added the inner borders and done all but 4 squares, which fingers crossed, im hoping to get done this week, here is a quick pic of my centre panel with the borders


the first border row looks yellow in this pic but it is actually lime green…  i am extatic at how it is turning out.. and think i should be done in about a week or so, just in time to snuggle under it at the end of winter!


ive also been on a bit of a cup cozy marathon

i love how they all look lined up!

so once my cozy fetish is over and my Afghan is complete im going to start on a new “knitting” venture… yes you read right Knitting!  so stay tuned….

thanks for reading ……………………..Ax

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One Response to the inner border is on …… finally!!!

  1. Terri says:

    Theseblook so cool on the cups!!!!

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