knitting with kids

There is nothing more joyful than watching a child learn something new, from a small baby tasting their first sweet, a toddler catching or kicking a ball for the first time, to watching a child complete there first knitted or crochet stitch, their faces are priceless. a smile from ear to ear, with their eyes almost popping out of their heads!  I have the honour of teaching the kids classes at my work place and i just love to watch them create… next week is school holidays here and i have the privilege of teaching 11 young ladies (they are 8yrs old) over a 2 week period to cast on their first stitch, knit their first creation, and to watch them cast off… i can wait.. this holidays we  are going to knit  a wrist cuff, a scarf and then attempt a fingerless mitt..  i know they are excited, but funnily enough so am i!!  many of the children i have tought previously (girls and boys) still bring in their creation, from felt toys to items the proudly wear and parade around the shop.  It makes me smile as much as it makes them smile!  Stay tuned and i will post pics of their creations here soon!

While grocery shopping last night i came across a book and fell in love


i of course purchased it, and cant wait to play with the kids!


thanks for reading………………… Ax

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