Sheesh – warning lots of pikkies!

Its been over a month since i last blogged, so much has happened in that time.. where to start! well i taught my kids classes the girls were total gems, and far exceeded what i thought they would..

they got their wrist cuffs knitted (and embellished with stitchery and buttons), fingerless gloves, and some started on their scarves and head bands and one angel started to knit squares for a charity blanket… my heart could just melt!..  The girls were very excited to walk into the shop and see their little “stations” all set up with project bags and knitting needles  i had made for them,

and they were oober excited to choose their own yarn, such a highlight to all the staff in the shop, not just me! So a good few days were had by all, and im happy happy happy to say some of the girls have been back to buy more yarn!

So after the Holidays my Parents (organised by Mr creative’niss’) had my wonderful children for a little while, while DH and I jet setted… well not really jet setted, cruised our way to New Zealand for a bit of R and R…

This was my 40th birthday present!  It was wonderful. We boarded the Pacific dawn in Brisbane, checked into our 11th deck (in case you dont know that is the highest deck!) beautiful room which was even bigger than a hotel room, and swanned out on to the balcony… YES a balcony suite….  points for hubby there!

and 4 days later we hit land… Auckland smack bang in the middle of the world cup! We hired a car and headed north, stopping when we liked and where ever we liked, which of course included pretty much every yarn store, vintage shop and artisian market i could find! (it was MY birthday trip after all!) it was wonderful.

So ladened with gifts for the kids… I really really missed them 😦 we flew home to brissy ending a very generous and amazing experience from my Husband, gotta love him for that hey!

One day back from holiday and still swaying mind you…..  i rocked up at work to do a workshop by the ever talented freeformer Prudence Mapstone.. now for as long as ive worked at Threads and More, I have watched the amazing work this workshop turns out, and for the last 4 years have been trying to do her workshop, either the class gets booked out, and i willingly am made to give up my spot, or im working on that particular day… but by hell or high water i was going to do this class… and seeing i was on holidays, and seeing i booked in just under a year ago.. i was NOT giving up my spot…. (lucky there was a cancellation and they could keep me in)!  And im glad i did it. yes another addiction to add to my few many errr other addictions.  So Pikkies…. i turned  a mess of yarn into this wee scrumble.  A Scrumble is a small piece of work, created with a combo of knitting a crochet.


there will be more added to this piece and it will be turned into a cushion to do with the black, white, grey and yellow Quilt im in the process of piecing.


well thats all from me today… i know its a long one!

thanks for reading…………………Ax

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