have you ever crochet your clothes???

And i don’t mean crochet clothes to wear, but actually used clothing as your yarn…  Well over the last week i have been using t-shirts as yarn!   now there are a couple of ways you can do this, you can up-cycle yours, your hubbies, the kids and even steal t-shirts of the neighbours line…  well i wouldn’t recommend “borrowing” from the neighbours… (Hi my neighbours… waving madly here)   and then you shred them all up to make a ball of original and enviro friendly yarn. You could go to a discount store and buy new shirts in bulk and create. You could head off to your local fabric store and buy stretch jersey and go that way… Or you can buy a ball/hank/skein/cone  or as we have in store what looks like a whopping big brick of the stuff and get creating… so want to see what ive been whipping up…YES?

a bag, a couple of baskets and a bowl…   Now these don’t take long at all, the bag took about 3 hours, and the bowl only 40 minutes or so.. so if you want quick xmas presents or are redecorating and can’t find that exact bowl you want… why not hook one yourself.. i smiled the whole time i was making them, and will be sad to see them go from my dining room, (they looked so good on my table).. but these are for a customer.. and i just know i will bringing t-shirt yarn home soon to make a set of my own…. i just need to let my fingers recover for a few days from the 12mm crochet hook….. (Its like crocheting with a baseball bat!) 


The top basket which is what ive dearingly named the mushroom basket has a large hole in the top and is capable of holding 3 balls of wool, for that spot of colourwork that requires more that one ball of yarn on the go. the lid just lifts off

the second basket down the one with the tassle is designed for one ball only and has a small hole in the top and a flip top attached lid.


The 3rd one is just a basket to hold a few balls of yarn just to look at… you know those ones that you just don’t want to put away yet and pick them up rub them on your cheek and stroke them….  oh.. is it only me that’s does that :/

And the blue creation, is a bag to take along to your knitting group with your current project all snuggly tucked inside ready to whip out those needles or hook to easily just get going.

thanks for reading………………Ax

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One Response to have you ever crochet your clothes???

  1. Terri says:

    These look great Niss. I had the same idea of making a yarn bowl using this as well. Hope your fingers recover soon. ( it’s a bit hard to crochet with isn’t it?)

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