a birthday and a grad,

Last Wednesday my Miss A. celebrated her 5th Birthday, She had a wonderful morning at work with daddy and then the afternoon at work with mummy, now i could think of better ways to spend a birthday, but that’s what she wanted to do! Usually on a Wednesday she spends the day with granny and pa while we work, but my parents together with my son are in Germany for a white christmas… i know i know why didn’t they take me….  i ask the question daily! hence they were not here to have a “play day” with their granddaughter, so one of us was going to take the day off and have a special day with Miss A, but nope she didn’t want to, she wanted to come to work.. After our day of working, daddy was still at work, so Miss A, Aunty Syl and I had a lamington cake…. said loosely! Miss A’s favorite thing in the world is lamingtons, but it can’t be a slab it has to be individual lamingtons with fresh cream and jam in the middle!

the Same week that Miss A celebrated the 5th birthday milestone, she also graduated from pre-school, yes hard to believe my angel/monster is heading to school next year.


until later tonight… yess i have more to show and tell but wanted this post to be separate.


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