show and tell

the cassandra shawl, ready….


so this is the first “wearable” garment i have made and im very proud of it, it sits on display in the shop, and i could have sold it many times, but i cant bring myself to part with it. I will probably never wear it, as it just not me, but i truly adored making it, and i love looking at it.

Im still working on my “im just lovin it” blanket, it still has to be blocked and a border put on it, and Mr Creative’niss’ is off to Sydney this weekend to visit his mum, so i will have the front tv room floor free to do the blocking, and then FINALLY i can add the border.  so i NEED a new project, im decicing whether to tackle another blanket, or maybe a garment of some kind, im not sure…..  thinking thinking thinking!!!

I had a wonderful visit by my sister in law and 2 of my beautiful nieces last week, and we all had a great day.. of course we snapped some pikkies….

and just a quick one above of my demented family!!!

a little while ago Miss A, Aunty Syl (she is the cooky one above in the orange top) and i spent a morning at GOMA, for those of you not from Brisbane GOMA is the Gallery of Modern Art. The Goma always has something on for free directed towards children, and the day we went they had the spot room, and the sugar room, the spot room was a naked open space all painted white, and as you walk in the door they hand you a sheet of stickers and the kids can go wild…..

the room is very full of coloured dots now, they are on every surface possible from the ceiling, to the piano!

and the sugar room, everything was made from coloured sugar and paper it was all amazing…………….

we are going back in a few weeks to se whats next!!

i have made a few other little things over the last few weeks, not big things, just fidley things… yeah im going to show you !

hmmm i wonder what they are.

thanks for reading……………………….. Ax

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3 Responses to show and tell

  1. i thought i recognized that shawl…i’m working on a cassandra, too. i’ve also really loved making it (except for those agonizingly long loopy chain rows), and it’s not really my style, either! i love lily’s patterns – think i’m starting gathering leaves or piquant next 🙂 your cassandra is lovely!

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