Organise my life

I know i am an irregular blogger, and i know i start pretty much every post, with, ” ive been slack”, or “its been a long time” or ive been so busy or……….., but, that’s pretty much how my life has been going over the last year, lulls of creativity, family life coming first, work work work,  through to i have so many projects i cant keep up! it’s either full on or not at all!  So im going to try to EVEN out my life this year, organise it a bit more. Family will always come first obviously, but i will try to make everything else have its little space in my life.  So for the first time ever, i have purchased a calendar, Miss A is starting grade 1 this year and will have many activities i need to keep track of, however Master 17 has finished school, so a little stress has been removed there, i have filled in my very extended families important dates, added in holidays, and my felting trip for the year, public holidays, when car payments are due and all the other hoohaa that goes in a calendar.. im quite excited when i look at it.  Fingers crossed i can keep it going and make it easier to prioritise whats going on.

So with the calendar done, i started on the craft room.  Again prioritise what will i use the most and what can go in drawers and cupboards..  Obviously YARN is still No.1 for me,  followed secondly by felting fibres, then fabric.  The beads are all in boxes ready to go, as are the mosaic tiles and papers,  I also bagged up some yarn that i know i am never going to use, and the bags are sitting here ready to be donated to someone who will love it, its either going to a charity that knits goods for people, ie, hospital/homeless, or it will go to the local retirement village, i just have to make a few phone calls. i now have space to walk around my room. Exciting stuff!

While going through my craft room, i rediscovered a few yarny projects that i have started but never finished.  And usually i would leave them in their bags/baskets and get back to them.  But i think i may tink them and rip them back, and start the year clean and fresh with NO unfinished objects.   Does this sound drastic… i does when i read this back, but i think i have to do it!!   So instead of having a thousand things i want to make, i have compiled a little to do list of the things i really want to make for myself and as gifts, and that is what im sticking with! (besides the things i have to create for work).. This it what i will make this year, and thats it! I have only chosen 9 things, well 8 actually, a few are large, many are small, there is a challenge or 2, and a couple i will just rip through.  i have left an open space for something i see throughout the year that i MUST make.  so here are my 9 (8) projects for 2013Image

im pretty happy with my selection and am already half way through one of them!

linkies below

Divine hat, Groovy-ghan, sheldon, Market bag, Rainbow Cushions, Glacier Sweep, Ruched Wrap, Lady Loafers, im quite stoked about my choices this year!  i might go back to that calendar and pencil in bloggong time, at least once a month.. until next month…or before…

thanks for reading…………………Ax





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