late last year

i went on a bit of a knitting spree, and for those of you that know me well, im more of a crocheter than a knitter!!  But when someone says hey let’s do a KAL (knit a long), well… they got me! So anyway, i never did talk about partisipating in these KAL’s because with knitting, my favorite part would have to be, the searching, smooshing and purchasing of the yarn followed closely by casting on and doing the first few rows.  Then usually its pretty much down hill from there!, the excitement has worn off, and it pretty much becomes another UFO (unfinished object) to add to my pile.  However the wonderful designer Stephen West, designs projects that are creative, inventive and with just enough of a challenge to keep you interested.   So getting back to the point of this….   last year i did 2 yes… 2 KAL’s both with his designs.

the first one was the Rockefeller, I was quite excited by this one, lots of new techniques for me, and knitting something larger than a scarf or bed socks had my heart racing just a little..  I had a colour combination in my head, (which i should know better than to do), and i just couldn’t find those exact colours…  so a dyed my own, SO FUN, and will talk about my dying in another post…  do you want to see it..

kal image_medium2image_medium21image_medium22

i call it Blimey Limey. in the flesh the yarns are lime and teal.  I loved every second of the knit, and it is probably one i will do again.


and the other KAL i did was the Geysir Stretch, this one also had a few new techniques to me, and was great fun..  i used Filatura DiCrosa Zara yarn for this project.. it’s probably one of my all time favorite “for everything” yarns.

DSC01245 DSC01249 DSC01250 DSC01248_medium26

i call mine under the tuscan geysir as the colours i chose reminded me of a picture i have on my ipad of a tuscan field covered in poppies with the sky peaking through…  can you see it??… so there’s a quick show and tell for you, i have a few more to show, and will be back soon.  See im trying not to be a slack ass blogger!!  thanks for reading…………..Ax


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