So a couple of days ago i signed up for a CAL, crochet a long with the wonderful one crafty mama, im going to ripple away the next 3 months..  So the details…  Filatura DiCrosa Zara 8 ply (yes my favorite yarn), a clover 4.5mm crochet hook. and im using the ripple pattern that Lemonde de Sucrette used for her ripple blanket, it’s a nice easy 3 x 3 x 3 pattern, its more of a wave than a chevron but i like it and easy to memories!!!.

So here are my colours, and the start of the blanket,

ripple 2 ripple


Miss A chose the colours this time as it will be her “big girl” blanket, (that means it’s not little girlish and covered in flowers!) there will be 2 ripples of each of the 7 colours, turquoise, dk pink, teal, lemon, hot pink, coral, and purple,  and one ripple of black between each colour, im looking forward to diving into this blanket, but first i have to finish my “secret project”…  I’m about 4 days of finishing this project so i can’t  reveal all just yet, but i can give you a sneaky peek…  want to see…

bike 1

hmm, i wonder what it is……


until next time…… Ax

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2 Responses to ripple-a-long

  1. Your secret project has me quite intrigued. Hooray for starting your ripple 🙂

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