ripples week 2

look im actually blogging 2 weeks in a row… uncanny I know! but I need to tell you how much im loving my big girl ripple!!  I’m only 9 rows in but that’s o.k, im in no hurry and im totally enjoying it….. A LOT.  I have started a few ripple blankets before in the past, but have never stuck with them, but this one…YEP im committed 100%, and im putting it out there so there is no going back.  so want to see so far…

2 securedownload

don’t you love how at the moment it matches my pj pants!!!


Today i also started a KAL (knit a long) it’s a Wild Prairies Knit called Misty Meadows, im using 4mm knit pro circulars, 4 ply Wollmeise Yarn, in 2 contrast colours.  I have been collecting Wollmeise for a while now, but have never “broken” into it, you see Wollmeise only sell their yarn 1 day a week and its at an ungodly hours (the shop is in germany) and you have to be there waiting and check out quick before you get cart jacked (yes this does happen!!), well….its pretty hard to get your hands on.. but today was the day to finally feel it in my fingers… i would up my beautiful precious yarn, and cast on my Misty Meadow.. I didn’t get to far, but i am loving the yarn and it’s quite an easy knit. I’m hoping to have clue 1 finished tomorrow


this pic will have to keep you satisfied until tomorrow night..

un till then happy creating and thanks for reading…………Ax


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3 Responses to ripples week 2

  1. I adore the dark stripes between the pops of colour and how fun doing a knit along at the same time! xo

  2. Suzan says:

    My daughter will be along to requisition the blanket. It is so cheerful/

  3. Mandy says:

    Oh, I’m doing a black and pink one, very similar, loving it but need to get a move on.

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