KAL and CAL progress…

ive been tearing through the yarny goodness today, you’ve got to love a RDO at home with no kids and a few movies waiting for me to watch.. ive completed week ones clue of the Misty Meadows KAL woohoo.


it’s quite an easy knit, im loving my colour combo of Teal and red/purple variegated a lot. can’t wait for clue 2 to arrive of Friday!

Once I had the KAL out-of-the-way, I picked up my CAL big girl ripple again, and got a few more rows done.  the colours are making me smile, the yarn is making me smile, and my progress is making me smile… what can I say other than I have smile all day!

PicMonkey Collage chev

until next time……….. Ax


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One Response to KAL and CAL progress…

  1. Suzan says:

    So many pretty ripples and I like yours too.

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