a little bit of crochet

is all it takes to make a cranky girl smile.. Yep today i got out of my bed on the wrong side, I don’t know why i was cranky, im never cranky, and i mean N-E-V-E-R, but I soldiered on went to work, and did a bit of hooky, I started a pair of slip ons…

004-1 003-1

aren’t they cute, I still have to do the edging and a little decoration on the toes, but they made me smile.!


And I’m still Rippling on, my “big girl” blanket its growing, slowly,…… but steadily, and I love it.

002-1 001-1

Miss A and I have been chatting  about many things while crocheting this blanket. She is so excited about it, She has been telling me little stories about her other blankets, and the difference this one will make to her life, lol, the minds of a 6-year-old.  The other night as I was doing a black row, she says to me “mum, did you know back in the old days they only had black and white things, really i said like what, Miss A replied well like tv, and newspapers and clothes and stuff.  really i said, how long ago?, and she replied, well it was a while ago about 12 years maybe, yeah… back in the egyptian times, before the Brady bunch..”. lol, sweet thing she is!  I hope she doesn’t major in history at Uni!!!!!!!


Until next time…….  happy reading… and hooking… Ax

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One Response to a little bit of crochet

  1. Suzan says:

    All the pretty colours and items have my heart singing.

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