felting = F U N

i have been back on the felting bandwagon again lately, ive had a wee break, but in the last week in between my crochet and knitting i have been creating with the wool of the unspun kind.  Im still amazed every time i create something when i felt, how can some unspun roving, a little soap, a little rubbing and some rolling turn into something so wearable, and interesting and soft and squishy so quickly, so instantly and so so, well so heart leaping exciting….  ive layed out a few wraps, a bag, hat and a few flowers, and with most things i make i smiled the whole time….   so here are a few images to have a look at.

a3 a5 a45 a1edited

the rest i havent photographed yet, but will update again tomorrow, i just wanted to share these quick creations with you all…

oh p.s, i have exciting news too,     until next time ………………… Ax


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2 Responses to felting = F U N

  1. Wow – especially love the red wrap! =D

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