AR Fibre Art

So I have finally done it, Ive registered my own Business..  It took me many years to do this, I don’t know why, but it did. I got a little shove in the right direction!, my family has always been supportive of my creative obsession, they ooh and ahh over what i make and create, and I love them and adore them for that but it’s not until someone you respect and admire, looks at your stuff, then looks you in the eye and says…  you have to do something more, you have to do something with this, you have to get your stuff out there, you have to get real, stop doing things for others all the time, and do something for yourself, stop being taken advantage off, and use the advantages you have for yourself…  So I thought about it, and I did.  The next stage will come soon, but in the mean time I have set up another etsy store just for my felt and fibre items. Just to give me time to create a few more items and get my self organised.


thanks for reading………… Ax


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