So not much crocheting or knitting is happening here lately, because unspun wool has taken over the last 2 weeks.  I’m working on a collection at the moment and its become an obsession, its only a few pieces but they have become my only thoughts for weeks..  making prototypes, sketching, more sketching, laying, felting, rolling, rubbing… and then starting again from the beginning. (im not the best sketcher, im more of a doodler, but I know what I want am what im saying!)I adore working with wools, silks, chiffons, and I love how they can all come together to create a textured fibre that will do what ever I want it to do.  I just love to felt.. lucky I have until July to complete it!


I’m off to Convergence in September and we all have to take a 20x20x20 3 dimensional piece with us, these will be raffled off to raise funds for the 2015 convergence, so I have been playing with a few creations to see which one will come with me.

DSC00656 DSC00666

i do love both of these very much, but i will make a few more and see what happens (my mum saw these ones today, and i think she has her eye on them). I have been assigned the best room mates i could imagine, there will be 6 of us in our accommodation block, and because ive got pod brain, i decided i would make a mini podlette for each of my roomies,

PicMonkey Collagepod DSC00621

aren’t they cute, they take a bit of time to make, actually almost as much time as the big ones, you can see how small they are by the one in my hand, i think im going to make a pile of them and string them together as wall art.  So my few days of “for fun” creating have come to an end, I must get back to the thinking drawing and serious felting again, and hopefully fit in a bit of crochet too…

Thanks for stopping by………………….. Ax

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  1. Gorgeous – I’ll bet your room mates loved their little pods! =D

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