off to the show i go

So the Brookfield show was on last weekend, the Brookfield show is a country fair that has been going for many years, 75 I think from memory, if im wrong, someone please correct me! And I entered a few pieces into the creative fibres section.. now im not a huge competitive type, and I think it goes back to my hairdressing days with the IHS awards and the Loreal Trophy, I use to look at the entries and think, well congrats to you on entering and winning, but I also use to think, what about the people who don’t enter these comps, im sure there are more creative people out there, they just don’t enter.  But alas I entered a few pieces into the show, you got to be in it to see where you’re at with your labour of love…right??… I entered two felted items, the blanket that nearly killed me, my blanket of love, my blimey limey  and the beanie in the post below, and out of 6 entries……

I got this!!!


I was pretty excited I have to say.

I spotted my blanket first at the show and was absolutely stoked to get a 2nd place ribbon considering this blanket drove me so so insane!. Then I moved down the aisle to the felted goods, and gave a little squeal of delight when I also saw a 2nd place ribbon on my mosaic bag.  I wondered to myself.. hmm, I wonder who beat me, who else might I know that had entered the Brookfield show, so I shuffled along a little to see who took out the blue ribbon, and let out a little jump for joy.. it was ME… I beat I have to say, I was very surprised, all the entries in the show this year the judges said were of a much higher quality, and almost double the amount of entries from previous years.  so YAY ME, I can say that at least once can’t I!  as for my other entries… I got nothin!

here are some pics of my items and awards under glass at the show.. sorry their cloudy, I was trying to not get a reflection of myself in the pics.

IMG_1409 IMG_1411 IMG_1412

oh I almost forgot… my bike..  my bike was a huge hit at the show, the ladies said they could have sold in 1000’s of times…  might be a new business venture..  NOT!


here she is behind chains lock and key!

thanks for reading ……….. Ax

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