wow, has it really been that long since i last posted! Well it has been pretty busy, my wonderful little shop is all up and go now, running like ive been there forever. Being there 7 days a week 10 hours a day may sound exhausting to some, but to me it is bliss, i love it, i love my job, and i love my shop.  I did have a wee break away last week though.  I was lucky enough to attend the biannual 12th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence, it was held in Stanwell Tops this year hosted by the Illawarra Feltmakers, and they did put on a great group of tutors and feltmakers. Our Guest Lecturers were wonderful and travelled from all corners of the globe to be there with us. Leiko from Japan, Martien from WA and Anna from Iceland.  All are very different felters, with very different techniques, that all achieve unbelievably amazing felt.

conv 11

here’s is a little pic of all us girls and the lecturers.

PicMonkey Collageonthegrounds

the feltmaker hosts had made many flowers, pods, tree decorations, woolly sheep, and many other decs that were scattered throughout the grounds to discover over the 5 days, it was so delightful to come across a random felt flower in a garden along a footpath on your way to a tutor class, lecture or talk.

PicMonkey Collageonthetrees

PicMonkey Collagecanberrapoles

these amazing felt poles were made by the Canberra feltmakers, which they bought with them and erected at night for all to discover at sunrise, they intrigued me for many hours on many days, discovering something different every time you looked at them.


PicMonkey Collagetheyurt

this handfelted Yurt was created by many feltmakers all around Australia, Martein told the story of its creation, and the history of its travels.  It has no owner, it belongs to no one. It travels to any feltmaker that wants to use it, gets packed up and then rests waiting for the next time it’s needed, she is beautiful. I was standing inside it on the last day of convergence, looking at the walls, the roof, the pictures that are felted inside and out, and was amazed that this beauty was created by so many that love to do what i do. (soppy i know!) Its been travelling for over 10 years now, and i think it’s still has 100’s of years still in it, it will be around for ever.


A great 5 days was had by all, (my back, belly, nose, and chest are still recovering!) I made many new friends and spend wonderful time with old ones as well. Bring on 2015 when we all head to NZ for the next one, where my friend Raewyn Penrose will be our host! (im taking my pillow next time!).  Raewyn is staying in Australia for a week before she heads home where she will be doing 5 days of felting classes @ my shop Knitch. Raewyn taught me to felt way back when. She is an amazing teacher, and awesome feltmaker, and the best lady you could ever meet, i am proud to call her my friend.

ok, enough now…… thanks for reading…………….. Ax







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