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So I have finally done it, Ive registered my own Business..  It took me many years to do this, I don’t know why, but it did. I got a little shove in the right direction!, my family has always been supportive of my creative obsession, they ooh and ahh over what i make and create, and I love them and adore them for that but it’s not until someone you respect and admire, looks at your stuff, then looks you in the eye and says…  you have to do something more, you have to do something with this, you have to get your stuff out there, you have to get real, stop doing things for others all the time, and do something for yourself, stop being taken advantage off, and use the advantages you have for yourself…  So I thought about it, and I did.  The next stage will come soon, but in the mean time I have set up another etsy store just for my felt and fibre items. Just to give me time to create a few more items and get my self organised.


thanks for reading………… Ax


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So not much crocheting or knitting is happening here lately, because unspun wool has taken over the last 2 weeks.  I’m working on a collection at the moment and its become an obsession, its only a few pieces but they have become my only thoughts for weeks..  making prototypes, sketching, more sketching, laying, felting, rolling, rubbing… and then starting again from the beginning. (im not the best sketcher, im more of a doodler, but I know what I want am what im saying!)I adore working with wools, silks, chiffons, and I love how they can all come together to create a textured fibre that will do what ever I want it to do.  I just love to felt.. lucky I have until July to complete it!


I’m off to Convergence in September and we all have to take a 20x20x20 3 dimensional piece with us, these will be raffled off to raise funds for the 2015 convergence, so I have been playing with a few creations to see which one will come with me.

DSC00656 DSC00666

i do love both of these very much, but i will make a few more and see what happens (my mum saw these ones today, and i think she has her eye on them). I have been assigned the best room mates i could imagine, there will be 6 of us in our accommodation block, and because ive got pod brain, i decided i would make a mini podlette for each of my roomies,

PicMonkey Collagepod DSC00621

aren’t they cute, they take a bit of time to make, actually almost as much time as the big ones, you can see how small they are by the one in my hand, i think im going to make a pile of them and string them together as wall art.  So my few days of “for fun” creating have come to an end, I must get back to the thinking drawing and serious felting again, and hopefully fit in a bit of crochet too…

Thanks for stopping by………………….. Ax

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felting = F U N

i have been back on the felting bandwagon again lately, ive had a wee break, but in the last week in between my crochet and knitting i have been creating with the wool of the unspun kind.  Im still amazed every time i create something when i felt, how can some unspun roving, a little soap, a little rubbing and some rolling turn into something so wearable, and interesting and soft and squishy so quickly, so instantly and so so, well so heart leaping exciting….  ive layed out a few wraps, a bag, hat and a few flowers, and with most things i make i smiled the whole time….   so here are a few images to have a look at.

a3 a5 a45 a1edited

the rest i havent photographed yet, but will update again tomorrow, i just wanted to share these quick creations with you all…

oh p.s, i have exciting news too,     until next time ………………… Ax


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get my ride on….

I gave a little sneak peek a few weeks ago, of something I have been working on, and I was going to do a big reveal tonight, but now I cant …. as the thing I have been pimping is going on exhibition in a show…yay me… BUT I AM allowed to show little bit of it… so want to see….

b1 b2 b3 b4 b5 bike 1

and i finished my slippers, now theres something i can show you


until next time………………….. thanks for reading…………… Ax

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a little bit of crochet

is all it takes to make a cranky girl smile.. Yep today i got out of my bed on the wrong side, I don’t know why i was cranky, im never cranky, and i mean N-E-V-E-R, but I soldiered on went to work, and did a bit of hooky, I started a pair of slip ons…

004-1 003-1

aren’t they cute, I still have to do the edging and a little decoration on the toes, but they made me smile.!


And I’m still Rippling on, my “big girl” blanket its growing, slowly,…… but steadily, and I love it.

002-1 001-1

Miss A and I have been chatting  about many things while crocheting this blanket. She is so excited about it, She has been telling me little stories about her other blankets, and the difference this one will make to her life, lol, the minds of a 6-year-old.  The other night as I was doing a black row, she says to me “mum, did you know back in the old days they only had black and white things, really i said like what, Miss A replied well like tv, and newspapers and clothes and stuff.  really i said, how long ago?, and she replied, well it was a while ago about 12 years maybe, yeah… back in the egyptian times, before the Brady bunch..”. lol, sweet thing she is!  I hope she doesn’t major in history at Uni!!!!!!!


Until next time…….  happy reading… and hooking… Ax

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KAL and CAL progress…

ive been tearing through the yarny goodness today, you’ve got to love a RDO at home with no kids and a few movies waiting for me to watch.. ive completed week ones clue of the Misty Meadows KAL woohoo.


it’s quite an easy knit, im loving my colour combo of Teal and red/purple variegated a lot. can’t wait for clue 2 to arrive of Friday!

Once I had the KAL out-of-the-way, I picked up my CAL big girl ripple again, and got a few more rows done.  the colours are making me smile, the yarn is making me smile, and my progress is making me smile… what can I say other than I have smile all day!

PicMonkey Collage chev

until next time……….. Ax


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ripples week 2

look im actually blogging 2 weeks in a row… uncanny I know! but I need to tell you how much im loving my big girl ripple!!  I’m only 9 rows in but that’s o.k, im in no hurry and im totally enjoying it….. A LOT.  I have started a few ripple blankets before in the past, but have never stuck with them, but this one…YEP im committed 100%, and im putting it out there so there is no going back.  so want to see so far…

2 securedownload

don’t you love how at the moment it matches my pj pants!!!


Today i also started a KAL (knit a long) it’s a Wild Prairies Knit called Misty Meadows, im using 4mm knit pro circulars, 4 ply Wollmeise Yarn, in 2 contrast colours.  I have been collecting Wollmeise for a while now, but have never “broken” into it, you see Wollmeise only sell their yarn 1 day a week and its at an ungodly hours (the shop is in germany) and you have to be there waiting and check out quick before you get cart jacked (yes this does happen!!), well….its pretty hard to get your hands on.. but today was the day to finally feel it in my fingers… i would up my beautiful precious yarn, and cast on my Misty Meadow.. I didn’t get to far, but i am loving the yarn and it’s quite an easy knit. I’m hoping to have clue 1 finished tomorrow


this pic will have to keep you satisfied until tomorrow night..

un till then happy creating and thanks for reading…………Ax


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