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i want to ride my bicycle… i want to ride my bike..

but I can’t and do you want to know why??  here I will show you, remember the sneaky peeks I gave you a month or 2 ago, well ……………. I have covered it in crochet.. yep that’s right, and so like me, if … Continue reading

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bunny, armadillo and more

So following on from a previous post about crocheting with recycled fabrics, i ventured into the “zone” of rug making, and created a few floor coverings of my own..   a bath mat, and a creation known as ‘the doily on roids’! now … Continue reading

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so who is addicted to ruffle scarves???

ME, thats who! at the moment i am knitting one and crocheting another…. i just cant seem to finish one off first! So i knit a few rows, then crochet the other, ahh such is the life of a yarn … Continue reading

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So where did i learn to knit….

I always thought my mum taught me how to knit, but seeing her latest project, im starting to doubt that very much!!!!!!!!!!!!    this “is” and i use the word “is” loosely a beanie my mum has knitted for my … Continue reading

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