wow, has it really been that long since i last posted! Well it has been pretty busy, my wonderful little shop is all up and go now, running like ive been there forever. Being there 7 days a week 10 hours a day may sound exhausting to some, but to me it is bliss, i love it, i love my job, and i love my shop.  I did have a wee break away last week though.  I was lucky enough to attend the biannual 12th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence, it was held in Stanwell Tops this year hosted by the Illawarra Feltmakers, and they did put on a great group of tutors and feltmakers. Our Guest Lecturers were wonderful and travelled from all corners of the globe to be there with us. Leiko from Japan, Martien from WA and Anna from Iceland.  All are very different felters, with very different techniques, that all achieve unbelievably amazing felt.

conv 11

here’s is a little pic of all us girls and the lecturers.

PicMonkey Collageonthegrounds

the feltmaker hosts had made many flowers, pods, tree decorations, woolly sheep, and many other decs that were scattered throughout the grounds to discover over the 5 days, it was so delightful to come across a random felt flower in a garden along a footpath on your way to a tutor class, lecture or talk.

PicMonkey Collageonthetrees

PicMonkey Collagecanberrapoles

these amazing felt poles were made by the Canberra feltmakers, which they bought with them and erected at night for all to discover at sunrise, they intrigued me for many hours on many days, discovering something different every time you looked at them.


PicMonkey Collagetheyurt

this handfelted Yurt was created by many feltmakers all around Australia, Martein told the story of its creation, and the history of its travels.  It has no owner, it belongs to no one. It travels to any feltmaker that wants to use it, gets packed up and then rests waiting for the next time it’s needed, she is beautiful. I was standing inside it on the last day of convergence, looking at the walls, the roof, the pictures that are felted inside and out, and was amazed that this beauty was created by so many that love to do what i do. (soppy i know!) Its been travelling for over 10 years now, and i think it’s still has 100’s of years still in it, it will be around for ever.


A great 5 days was had by all, (my back, belly, nose, and chest are still recovering!) I made many new friends and spend wonderful time with old ones as well. Bring on 2015 when we all head to NZ for the next one, where my friend Raewyn Penrose will be our host! (im taking my pillow next time!).  Raewyn is staying in Australia for a week before she heads home where she will be doing 5 days of felting classes @ my shop Knitch. Raewyn taught me to felt way back when. She is an amazing teacher, and awesome feltmaker, and the best lady you could ever meet, i am proud to call her my friend.

ok, enough now…… thanks for reading…………….. Ax







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And its been a wonderful first few day, thanks to all the visitors, old and new that have taken the time to visit my little store. I have been overwhelmed with kind words, many hugs, and well wishes.


I love having my own little slice of heaven, and i hope you enjoy it too.

Thanks again……………. Ax


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Opening this Wednesday 24th July… See you then! 

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Im Doing It


yep im finally doing it. Ive had a dream for quite a while now to open my own bricks and mortar yarn store, and yes, the time is right, and im finally doing it!

85 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Q, 4064

i will be opening mid July 2013, so stay tuned for updates.


thanks for reading………………………….. Ax


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off to the show i go

So the Brookfield show was on last weekend, the Brookfield show is a country fair that has been going for many years, 75 I think from memory, if im wrong, someone please correct me! And I entered a few pieces into the creative fibres section.. now im not a huge competitive type, and I think it goes back to my hairdressing days with the IHS awards and the Loreal Trophy, I use to look at the entries and think, well congrats to you on entering and winning, but I also use to think, what about the people who don’t enter these comps, im sure there are more creative people out there, they just don’t enter.  But alas I entered a few pieces into the show, you got to be in it to see where you’re at with your labour of love…right??… I entered two felted items, the blanket that nearly killed me, my blanket of love, my blimey limey  and the beanie in the post below, and out of 6 entries……

I got this!!!


I was pretty excited I have to say.

I spotted my blanket first at the show and was absolutely stoked to get a 2nd place ribbon considering this blanket drove me so so insane!. Then I moved down the aisle to the felted goods, and gave a little squeal of delight when I also saw a 2nd place ribbon on my mosaic bag.  I wondered to myself.. hmm, I wonder who beat me, who else might I know that had entered the Brookfield show, so I shuffled along a little to see who took out the blue ribbon, and let out a little jump for joy.. it was ME… I beat myself..lol. I have to say, I was very surprised, all the entries in the show this year the judges said were of a much higher quality, and almost double the amount of entries from previous years.  so YAY ME, I can say that at least once can’t I!  as for my other entries… I got nothin!

here are some pics of my items and awards under glass at the show.. sorry their cloudy, I was trying to not get a reflection of myself in the pics.

IMG_1409 IMG_1411 IMG_1412

oh I almost forgot… my bike..  my bike was a huge hit at the show, the ladies said they could have sold in 1000’s of times…  might be a new business venture..  NOT!


here she is behind chains lock and key!

thanks for reading ……….. Ax

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Kvosin… bless you x

most of you know me as a crocheter of felter, and occasionally I knit..  but my knitting is on a roll at the moment, look at this sweet thing I just whipped up.

IMG_1384 IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1389

it’s the Kvosin slouch beanie by Stephen West, I do love his patterns oh so much!, It was a cool, wonderful, adventuress, exciting and interesting knit, because there were so many different elements to it, I was not bored once… yep not once! from start to end I loved it!

details are here..  happy knitting….. Ax

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i want to ride my bicycle… i want to ride my bike..

but I can’t and do you want to know why??  here I will show you, remember the sneaky peeks I gave you a month or 2 ago, well …………….


I have covered it in crochet.. yep that’s right, and so like me, if it stands still I will embellish it!

here are some close-ups for you

IMG_1398  IMG_1402 IMG_1401  IMG_1400 IMG_1399  IMG_1395

you will be able it see it in all its crochet glory this weekend coming at the Brookfield Show.  So the details….  8 ply yarns all pure wool, and all australian made…  3.50mm hook, a vintage bicycle from my garage, and a basket from the basket shop.  i really do love it so so much…. whats next!!!


thanks for reading……………….. Ax


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